From 2000 on UERN has adopted the name Oriented Selection Process to refer to the way of entry in initial vacancies of the institution. The Oriented Selection Process differs from traditional form of entrance. Candidates are submitted to entrance exams by groups of subjects related to the courses offered, aiming at ranking them through the use of one of following ways:

1- Isolated Oriented Selection Process

2- Oriented Selection Process combined with the National High School Exam – ENEM.

The exams cover all areas of knowledge: Portuguese, Brazilian Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, as well as Composition.  All candidates have to take exams in Portuguese, Brazilian Literature, Composition and in one foreign language, which they can choose from those offered: English, French and Spanish. The other subjects are distributed according to the area of studies candidates are applying for.

Atualizado por: Ravi Dias de Almeida Oliveira em (Setor para Contato: PRAE - Pró-Reitoria de Assuntos Estudantis )

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