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University of Rio Grande do Norte, through its Vice-Rectorate of Extension, promotes fortnightly, the project Cultural Break, always held at Communitary Center of the Central Campus, in the breaks between classes: on Tuesday evenings, from 20h40 to 21 Pm and, on Wednesday mornings from 8:40 to 9 Am.

The event is a way to encouraging artistic initiatives within in the university and in the community to complement students' education, providing them with knowledge of the cultural diversity of our country and, therefore, to form a critical citizens. In this sense, the Project, aims at enriching the cultural background of students and also discover new talents, enabling better use of the range of classes in a relaxed way, through cultural artistic presentations.

The presentations range from theater sketch, poetry, music, dance and exhibitions.

Those interested in participating in the project should contact PROEX Diretoria de Educação, Cultura e Artes-DECA (Board of Education, Culture and Arts), through the telephone +55 84 3315.2126 (Arlindo Vieira - afternoon shift) or send to email , information on the proposal that would like to present through the project. Information such photos, recorded videos on Youtube, historic of the group or artist, as well as the action to be presented.



This is an articulated set of three artistic and cultural projects supported by the Ministry of Education for students from the sixth to ninth grade of schools in Alto de São Manoel, in Mossoró - RN.

This program aims at offering different experiences through integrated arts: visual arts, performing arts and music to state schools for primary education in the semiarid area of Rio Gande do Norte, contributing to students' artistic practice, art appreciation and critical thinking concerning everyday issues.


Projeto Outras Falas (Project Other Speeches)

Created in 1990, the project aims at bringing to Mossoró shows of other cities in the Northeastern region of Brazil to establish exchange links between theater artists and local dance through workshops, as well as to enable the communityto attend such shows at low cost. In 2011, aiming to offering exchange links between universities in the northeastern area, the project stated bringing to Mossoró of shows by university groups of Rio Grande do Norte. With 23 years of activities, The Outras Falas isregarded as Mossoró oldest cultural project.

Conservatorium of Music 

D'alva Stella Nogueira FreireMusic Conservatorium is recognized as a pioneer in formal music education in the Alto Oeste area (upper-west) of Rio Grande do Norte State and attracts people from several surrounding towns and even from neighbour states. The conservatorium fills in a gap in formal music education, in the preparation of professional people in music, supplying this need in different contexts and spaces, such as musical bands, choirs, instrumental groups and others. In this perspective, ,it also diffuses different musical practices and prepares people to admission in courses of higher education in music.

Museum of Sertaneja Culture

Located in Campus Avançado Professora Maria Elisa de Albuquerque Maia-CAMEAN-UERN (Advanced Campus teacher Maria Elisa Maia de Albuquerque) in the town of Pau dos Ferros, its goal is to promote the preservation of the cultural heritage of the sertão (backland area), especially in areas of visual art and museums. It also encourages the implementation of projects in teaching, research and extension in the field of visual art and museums at CAMEAM-UERN and in all the towns of the Alto Oeste region of the State.

The Museum is an initiative of appreciation and preservation of memory and of the historical and cultural heritage of northeastern backlands, through actions that enable knowledge and dissemination of material and immaterial aspects, that characterize this heritage. It is defined as a space that is dedicated to science, education and arts, making it a pioneer in the Alto Oeste area, as well as a historic landmark to UERN

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