Created in 2003, FESTURN, the greatest school theater festival in Rio Grande do Norte State, adds value and enriches the culture of the State. The festival contributes to the artistic education of the students who take part in it, encouraging them and providing them with opportunities to make their dreams come true and also of becoming great professionals people, both on stage and off. FESTUERN works closely with schools, making use of the theater as a social and educational tool, searching through art enhance learning among students.

Conference Extension

It is an event that involves teachers, students and administrative staff. It is intended for an audience who studies, performs or is a beneficiary of state policies.It aims at discussing and analyzing problems and possibilities of University Extension, that are contextualized in state universities, involving the academic community and other sectors of society in this process. In addition, it and presents alternative ways to leverage the effectiveness of the implementation of the constitutional precept of the functions of higher education institutions: teaching, research and extension.

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